Today, the Oxford American published a feature on me and my work on their blog, highlighting my career with (and departure from) the Southern Foodways Alliance and ten of my favorite paintings. Thanks to my former student and current OA intern, Heather Richie, for writing the piece. ("Me and My Work" by Maya Angelou)


"For one night only, eleven artists transform one room each into a mini gallery for one evening. A one night stand, if you will." I'm one of the participating artists in this year's One Night Stand at the Ole Miss Motel in Oxford, Mississippi—a three-hour art exhibit and sale on Saturday, October 25, from 7:00 to 10:00 p.m. My friend Erin Abbott Kirkpatrick started the Motel Art Series in 2007, and it's grown to be a popular annual event. For the past few years, the One Night Stand has fallen on the same weekend as the Southern Foodways Alliance's annual Southern Foodways Symposium. I'm heading to Oxford for the sympoisum, so on Saturday night, you'll find me in my motel room (room number to


This weekend, you'll find me in Austin at the Byte of Texas conference, a two-day event "dedicated to celebrating, documenting, and further developing the rich food history of Texas." On Sunday, I'll share a stage with Rachel Laudan and Toni Tipton-Martin to talk about writing Texas food culture. Some conference events are open to the public, including the keynote presentation by fellow Texan and all-around kickass woman, Lisa Fain. Check out the full conference schedule right here.


My friend and fellow documentarian, Sara Wood, just returned from South Carolina, where she conducted some maritime-themed fieldwork for a new project. Today, on the Southern Foodways Alliance's blog, she circled back around to a project I did for the SFA back in 2005, documenting the seafood industry along Florida's Forgotten Coast. The time I spent in Franklin County, Florida, made quite an impression on me. I often talk about the connections I made there, but one stands out from the rest: A. L. "Unk" Quick. Unk is a lifelong oysterman and after the time I spent with him, he became a lifelong friend. On one visit, he gave me a pill bottle filled with fresh pearls that his wife Gloria had f


I’m in Memphis for the Association of Food Journalists conference, where I’ll be part of a panel to discuss making use of oral history to enhance storytelling. Tonight’s supper was hosted at the Stax Museum. I found bits of inspiration behind each and every corner.

GRAY MATTERS: Shelf-Absorbed

My “sheflie” was featured in one of today’s posts on GRAY MATTERS, Lisa Gray’s blog for the Houston Chronicle. It’s the view from my kitchen sink and includes many of my favorite treasures, an R. A. Miller cutout included. Most all of the other shelfies featured are of bookcases, which I find oddly curious.


On Friday, September 5, I took part in BOOK MACHINE (Houston), a public bookmaking event held in conjunction with the Texas Contemporary, the international art fair. The project is a collaboration between Houston’s Blaffer Art Museum and One Star Press in Paris, France. The project connects emerging designers and artists through the creation of custom-made artist’s books.

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