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The Art of The Saltville Centennial Cookbook by Ronni Lundy

I took the Saltville Centennial Cookbook home with the same anticipation I would have for a new novel. And as I read more of the descriptions—“Virgie’s six boys loved her frozen cheese salad,” “Marie’s cabbage soup could feed six people or four hungry farm hands,” or “Thelma made her River Road Special Sandwiches and then sat at the kitchen counter to finish her word search puzzle”—I found myself thinking about the work of my friend, artist Amy C. Evans.

KPFT's Open Journal: Amy C. Evans and Houston Eats

KPFT's Open Journal with hosts Duane Bradley and Marlo Blue, interviewing  Amy C. Evans and Cecelia Ottenweller, discussing Amy's documentary art project, My Houston, and the Fall 2017 Houston Eats conference at the University of Houston. Originally aired on Houston's KPFT 90.1 on August 4, 2017.

ART & PIE: On Making Connections, Storytelling, and the Professional Life of Amy Evans

Amy Evans is a tour-de-force—there’s no way around it...She is the brains and brawn behind Art & Pie, an artistic and documentary platform-cum-philosophy...Amy knows a thing or two about poise, balance, and risk-taking. 


by Catherine Anspon | February 2017

Evans is not a mere nostalgia lover; she has serious art and history chops.

When the Napkin Is the Main Course: This Houston Nonprofit Gets Creative, Brings Foodies and Artists Together

When you think of the words “napkins” and “art” together, origami usually comes to mind. But not this time. In fact, you’ll be loathe to fold the works of art rendered on napkins for Delicious Alchemy: The Art of Food, Celebrating 10 Years of Recipe for Success Foundation.


by Amy Campbell | October 2015

Saturday, October 17th at 9:00 A.M. on The Tennessee Farm Table subject is "SALT".  We visit with Nancy Bruns of the J.Q. Dickinson Salt Works...We also will feature the art of Amy Cameron Evans.  She illustrated the stories found in the "Saltville" Cookbook and was Artist in Residence at the Appalachian Food Summit.

020 - Amy Cameron Evans, Artist

Interview by Jenée Libby | September 2015


In last week’s podcast we talked about how one ingredient, salt, can reveal the history of an entire region. But what if you took it further? Meet artist Amy Cameron Evans, a painter who creates narratives based on found objects and food. They’re modern still lifes. But they’re much more. 

Canopy's New Way In

Swamplot.com | September 5, 2014


A drive-in customer may have destroyed Canopy’s front door on Wednesday, but a bit of paint and re-engineering (a chair has been removed from the patio to make more room) now guides visitors to the side entrance. A specialshort-term exhibition of an improvised piece by artist Amy C. Evans now adorns the replacement plywood covering the spot where the car came in.

Memories & Memory Keepers, Stories & Storytellers with Amy C. Evans, Oral Historian

Interview by Vilasi Venkatachalam | August 2014


An interesting conversation with Amy C. Evans, oral historian, on Southern Foodways, memory keeping, story gathering and how to be an oral historian. We explore lesser know cradles of culture of the American South. The insulated-isolated fishing communities in Florida, sharing memories, stories, yearnings...and more.

The Southern Foodways Alliance Wants to Complicate Your Meal

by Chuck Reece | The Bitter Southerner | February 2014


John T. Edge is talking to me about rice...The SFA staff also includes seven women, a couple of grad students and about half of a guy named Joe (more on him next week). And every single one of them will tell you the same thing: that their work isn’t about food. It is, instead, about capturing the stories of the people who grow, harvest, cook and serve the food we eat in the South.

An Edible Alliance

by Rien Fertel | The Local Palate | August 2013


Celebrating its fifteenth anniversary, the esteemed Southern Foodways Alliance prepares for its annual symposium. Here's a look at the team who makes it all happen.

ArtHouston Redux

PaperCity | July 2013 | Page 6


From "Houston Gallery Walls to the Whitney's Hallowed Halls" should be the tag line for ArtHouston, which gets a fresh redux this month. Yet the annual event—conceived some 30 summer ago as "Introductions" to inject energy into the sultry month of July—remains true to its original vision. ArtHouston still serves up a cool and concise showcase of our best and brightest visual talents, but now with a welcome tweak.

Food Crush: Artist and Southern Food Historian Amy Evans

by Kat Kinsman | Eatocracy.com | November 30, 2011


We get food crushes sometimes...This time it's Amy Evans, who we'd always known as the oral historian for the Southern Foodways Alliance...That would be reason enough to adore her, but as it happens, she's also an exceptionally gifted painter who, naturally, uses food as the nexus of many of her visual narratives. 

Foodways Scholar Amy Evans Streeter

Interview by Malcolm White | May 2011

Malcolm talks with Amy Evans Streeter, oral historian for the Southern Foodways Alliance in Oxford and a visual artist.

Talking boudin, crawfish and Burger King milkshakes with Southern Foodways Alliance oral historian Amy C. Evans

I had the occasion a few months ago, when doing some research into “the ham of my people” (country ham with redeye gravy), to stumble onto the work of Amy C. Evans, the award-winning, Mississippi-based oral historian of the Southern Foodways Alliance. On a whim, I sent her a random collection of questions, and, as luck would have it, she wrote back today with the answers. Here they are….

Great Travel Jobs: Oral Historian with the Southern Foodways Alliance

by Courtney Crowder | PeterGreenberg.com | March 19, 2009


Southern cooking—and great food in general—is best when it tells a story. No one knows this better than Amy Evans, whose job as a culinary oral historian at the Southern Food Alliance (SFA) is to help travelers better understand the history and influences of Southern cuisine.

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