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"Amy painted my childhood! Love this more than I can say."




"When I asked Amy to think about creating a painting about the women in our family, I couldn't have anticipated how moved I would be by the final piece. The detailed still life includes objects owned by our grandmothers and great-grandmothers, and Amy even snuck allusions to my daughters and me into the piece!"




"I’ve long wanted my own 'Amy Original,' and my husband sweetly commissioned one for me. It is one of my favorite gifts ever, and all the details are perfect—likely because he secretly collaborated with my family for ideas. From Finn McMissile (a character from my boys' favorite movie) to Superman (an inside Seinfeld joke) to the New Orleans cookie cutter (which reminds me of where he proposed), every image in the painting kindles fond memories and thoughts about the people I love. Plus, there are hidden Peeps. Who else owns a painting that features the world’s best candy?"



"Having long coveted an original piece by Amy, I took quite a bit of time to decide on the subject matter. Ultimately, I knew that the sentimental pie of my childhood summers—Key Lime!—would be a painting that I would forever cherish. After telling Amy the story of the pie and the amazing woman behind it, I gave her a few more visual details that seemed fitting, and the result brought tears to my eyes. She managed to capture my sentimentality with her own creative touch. The painting hangs in my kitchen (of course), and it brings me joy every day!"


SARA O’KELLEY, South Carolina

"’Paint me a picture, Miss Amy, ‘ I typed into an email after visiting with her at her Oxford, Mississippi, studio. And with that, I summarily emptied the dossier I had assembled about my father on her in a couple of gigantic electronic heaps. Empathetic listener and consummate professional that she is, Amy beat the whirling mess of stories and photos into submission and distilled from it a portrait of my dad so perfectly simple and utterly representative that it continues to draw long pauses, sincere contemplation, and wonderful reminisces from all who knew him. I'm so proud to have it."


ANDY MADDEN, California

"My wife and I have long loved Amy's work and have been following her for at least 10 years. We have a small collection of her paintings, as well as a photograph and a drawing. But it wasn't until the commission of a portrait of our dog (yes dog), June-Bug, that we really connected with Amy and began to really grasp the depth of her vision and joy in what she does. As this was a birthday surprise for my wife, Amy and I connected very stealthily via email with brief notes, and all I did was provide a few photographs of June-Bug and some of her dog toys, and told some stories about our lake camp in Downeast Maine. My intention was just to provide a bit of context for who June-Bug is and what she means to us, no other input. The portrait we received blew us away. Amy captured the spirit of this dog in a way we could never have imagined with all the love and whimsy that a portrait of a family pet should have. We absolutely treasure it." 



"I've commissioned four different pieces from Amy, trusting her artistic vision and meticulous technique on each occasion. For my restaurants, I provided her with general color schemes and a menu and left the rest to her intuitive genius with memorable results. For a special gift, I simply gave her a subject - tamales - and she produced a work that I loved so dearly that it was difficult for me to give it to my friend! Amy honors deadlines and packs her pieces for shipping with professional care. If the spirit moves you, do not hesitate!"


ANN CASHION, Washington DC

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